Bring back the summer!

It is that time of the year again when darkness takes over. We begin our day in darkness, pull ourselves out of our homes to head into the darkness outside. During the day, when you look outside the window it is grey and cloudy. By the time we’re done with our day’s work it is dark again!  You can see this all pervasive darkness in the clothes that women wear too. They’ve transitioned from the bright summer clothes to the toned down colours in the autumn to the very dark colours already diving into winter. But why add to the darkness?

In this ethical collection, I’ve used bright colours and summer cuts. When you come back from the coldness and darkness outside and remove your cold, dark jacket, I want the house to be lit up by your bright garb. You’ll become the brightness that the world around you needs.

The hourglass lets you decide how tight you want to wear it. I’ve tried to capture the spirit of Mexico in the frills and the shirt dress is your no nonsense style statement. If you want to flaunt your beautiful arms, I’ve taken the sleeves off the shirt dress too.


Wear the brightness in you
Wear the brightness in you.

In this collection where I promise to bring back the summer, I’ve also taken a bit of a risk and tip toed on the edge of darkness. But I promise, the designs are still very summery. I went retro with the fabric with the Polkajurk and denim with the worker themed stocking mate. But back to brightness, I have more to indulge you – the pink warm shoulders and the retro collar.


Treading on the edge of darkness
Treading on the edge of darkness 

Speaking of darkness, I haven’t forgetten the creatures of the night. The party animal in you doesn’t have to let the winter limit her fashion choices. I thought of two designs, one to outshine the strobe at the club and the other to light up the gala.

Creatures of the night
Creatures of the night

So ready to spread your brightness? Why not add a bit of glitter to it? I’ve put together an assortment of jewellery to add that twinkle to your lovely presence.

Add that twinkle
Add that twinkle

Go girl and bring back the summer!



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3 thoughts on “Bring back the summer!

  1. I really like design and fabric!! Good luck! 😉

    1. Thank you Katarina!

  2. Love all your collection- best part is the right fabric and the customized fit. Keep up the amazing work 🙂

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